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We are a couple from Colorado  that started to grow a few years after medical marijuana was legalized in 2000 to help manage the pain from a spinal fusion (2 metal rods in your spine will tend to cause a few problems). We still are growing for medical reasons and view cannabis as a powerful medicine.

I worked as a master grower for a dispensary running multiple warehouses, full of hundreds of plants, for about 5 years. I have now moved on to run my own business but still love growing as a hobby in my personal garden.

We love sharing with you our personal garden and teaching what we have learned along the way. We believe that cannabis and hemp can change the world!


We are working hard to put out quality information for hobby and professional growers alike. We will be creating blog posts as well as YouTube videos that will walk you through the process of growing from start to finish! You can check out our blog here.

Marijuana Light Cycle | What Makes Cannabis Flower | How to Make My Weed Plants Flower

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On this live episode I am going to talk about the importance of having the correct light cycle for your marijuana garden so that you can get it to flower!

Hermied Weed Plant | How to tell if your cannabis plant is a hermaphrodite and what to do to fix it

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How to Cure Weed in a Brown Paper Bag | Drying Nugs | Harvesting and Curing Marijuana

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Subscribe to the School of Hard Nugs – Get Exclusive Videos- Visit our store- Brown bags curring is a great solution if your weed is to wet…


A large part of what we want to do is help you get your first garden up and running without you having to sort through a ton of information on the web like I had to do when I started!

These videos will teach and show you the right way to get going without all the misinformation.

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