Uncle Wiggy’s Green Cycle MagniCal


Green Cycle MagniCal is an extremely bio-available source of calcium and magnesium supplementation.

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When I designed MagniCal, I focused on making the calcium, magnesium, and iron as bio-available to cannabis plants as possible.  The calcium nitrate Uncle Wiggy’s uses is the cleanest greenhouse-grade calcium available.  Magnesium is provided by both magnesium nitrate and magnesium oxide.  This provides a broader spectrum of useful absorption, making it immediately available to plants.  Finally, the iron DPTA in MagniCal fits the pH profile of cannabis perfectly.  Other forms of iron are mostly unavailable to cannabis in the pH range it grows best in.

Uncle Wiggy’s MagniCal is especially useful when using reverse osmosis filtration or when growing in coco.

Derived from calcium nitrate, iron DPTA, magnesium nitrate, and magnesium oxide.


  • Reduces fertilizer needs through bio-availability
  • Supplies cleaner calcium and magnesium supplementation
  • Provides immediately available nutrition

When to Use:

  • Throughout the cannabis lifecycle
  • When plants are deficient in calcium or magnesium
  • If growing in coco
  • If using reverse osmosis water


1-5 mL/gallon

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