Uncle Wiggy’s Green Cycle Ripe


Manipulate your ladies with Green Cycle Ripe.  Its low N to PK ratio is excellent for promoting rooting over vegetative growth, exploding into budding mode during the transition from veg to flower, and finishing the flower cycle strong without stalling or locking out at the end.

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Seedlings and clones root faster when fed with Green Cycle Ripe.  Fresh transplants fill out root zones fully without excess nitrogen, forcing vegetative growth.  Plants transitioning into flower are forced to create bud sites and initiate flower production instead of stretching and continuing to grow vegetatively.  Green Cycle Ripe prevents stalling late in the flower cycle and triggers a final push towards harvest.

Expert Growers use Green Cycle Ripe to manipulate their plants into being all they can be.

Derived from boric acid, calcium nitrate, copper sulfate, iron DTPA, magnesium sulfate, manganese sulfate, potassium monobasic phosphate, potassium sulfate, sodium molybdate, and zinc sulfate


  • Very effective and easy to use
  • Promotes rapid root development
  • Initiates explosive bud development during flower transition
  • Triggers a final push towards ripening and harvest
  • Promotes larger yields with bigger, denser buds
  • Increases genetic expression for incredible bag appeal
  • Reduces fertilizer needs through pure and bio-available salts
  • Reduces fertilizer build up in the soil
  • Doesn’t require any boosters

When to Use:

  • For rooting clones, seedlings, and transplants
  • When transitioning into flower
  • During the final weeks before harvest


5-15 mL/gallon

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16 oz A & 16 oz B, 32 oz A & 32 oz B, 1 gal A & 1 gal B, 5 gal A & 5 gal B


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