Uncle Wiggy’s Green Cycle Down


Uncle Wiggy designed the Green Cycle line around the principle that less is more.  Green Cycle Down carries on this tradition.  Green Cycle Down does an excellent job adjusting pH down. Citric acid, the active ingredient in Green Cycle Down, is also an effective natural chelator.  Every time you use Green Cycle Down to lower the pH of your nutrient solution, nutrients become more available to your plants.

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Cannabis grows best at a pH between 5.5—6.4.  As a general rule of thumb, hydroponically grown cannabis likes a lower pH range while soil grown cannabis prefers pH in the higher range.

Derived from food-grade citric acid


  • Lowers the pH of nutrient solutions
  • Lessens fertilizer needs through natural chelation
  • Provides clean and effective pH control

When to Use:

  • Throughout the growth cycle
  • Always test and adjust your nutrient solution’s pH before watering


Add small amounts of Green Cycle Down until desired pH level is achieved.

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