Uncle Wiggy’s Green Cycle Veg


Seasoned Growers know that a successful harvest starts in the nursery.  Green Cycle Veg is a complete and balanced source of everything a growing girl needs, handcrafted in Denver using only the highest quality fertilizer ingredients.


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Use Green Cycle Veg for fast and luscious vegetative growth with excellent plant structure and hearty root zones.  Every nutrient is carefully balanced to prevent nutrient lockout, deficiencies, and over-stretching.

I recommend using Green Cycle Veg during the vegetative phase through the first week of flowering.  Green Cycle Veg promotes incredible vegetative growth, setting the stage for an incredible harvest.

Derived from ammonium sulfate, boric acid, calcium nitrate, copper sulfate, iron DTPA, magnesium sulfate, magnesium nitrate, magnesium oxide, manganese sulfate, potassium monobasic phosphate, potassium nitrate, potassium sulfate, sodium molybdate, and zinc sulfate


  • Provides balanced vegetative cannabis nutrition
  • Promotes excellent growth structure
  • Reduces fertilizer needs through bio-availability
  • Reduces fertilizer build up in soil and plant tissues

When to Use:

  • In the nursery
  • In the transition to flowering


5-15 mL/gallon

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32 oz, 1 gal, 5 gal


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